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Systematic Theology (203) 2015

04/12/2015 The Church by Winston Kao 203-ST-20150412_The Church


04/19/2015 Church Government by Winston Kao 203-ST-20150419_Church Government


04/26/2015 Church Related Topics by Rose Liu 203-ST-20150426_Church Related Topics


05/10/2015 The Doctrine of Holy Spirit by Mondy Chen 203-ST-20150510-The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit


05/17/2015 Baptism of the Holy Spirit by Mondy Chen 203-ST-20150517-Baptism of the Holy Spirit


05/24/2015 The Work of the Holy Spirit by Wei Feng 203-ST-20150524-The Work of the Holy Spirit


05/31/2015 Gifts of the Holy Spirit by Mondy Chen 203-ST-20150531-Gifts of the Holy Spirit


06/14/2015 The Return of Jesus by Frank Lin 203-ST-20150614-C.1- 基督的再來


06/21/2015 The Millennium by Biao Wu 203-ST-20150621-C.2-千禧年


06/28/2015 The Final Judgement, Eternal Punishment, New Heavens and New Earth by Frank Lin

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